About Podsalt

About Pod Salt and Our Products

Pod Salt is a unique nicotine salt e-liquid collection that provides the smoothest, most refreshing vaping experience on the market. With a specially-curated range of refreshing flavours available, MyVapery’s Pod Salt collection is sure to give you exactly what you’re looking for. Our commitment to industry-leading quality, cutting-edge refreshment, and unforgettable vaping experiences mean you can buy our products in the utmost confidence.

How do we produce our salt e-liquid and what is the process?

The Pod Salt proprietary e-liquid formula is carefully developed by highly qualified and experienced in-house R&D and Flavourist department at Xyfil Ltd, a UK leading e-liquid manufacturer. We now offering Pod Salt in the UAE.

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You wanted strength and we delivered it

Because Pod Salt’s nicotine salt collection is available in higher strengths, it’s a fantastic way that you can start off your journey to quit smoking on the right foot. You’re able to take in a quick and easy nicotine hit without any of the damage that smoking regular cigarettes can cause. Even better, nicotine salt e-liquids are incredibly economical, as you only need a small amount to get a noticeable nicotine hit, making nicotine salts and affordable and long-lasting alternative to regular e-liquids, as well as a far healthier alternative to cigarettes.

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Our specially selected flavours offer something to everyone

Pod Salt’s range of nicotine salt e-liquid comes in a wide range of delicious and refreshing flavours. Each of our flavours are designed to provide you with a fantastic vaping experience every time, in which ever strength and flavour combination that suits you the best. From cool Ice Menthol, to delicious summery treats like Blueberry Jam Tart, we’re certain that we’ll provide something that’s perfect for you.

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