Share your loving guidance with gift of giving up

Helping the one you love this Valentine’s Day

Share your loving guidance with gift of giving up

10 Jan | Daniel Hollyman


While Valentine’s Day is celebrated in most countries, different cultures have developed their own traditions and meanings for how to express love on this special day. We tend to associate Valentine’s Day with romantic love, red roses and spending quality time together as a couple. In some parts of the world, there is a greater emphasis on expressing love between family members and friends, rather than the focus being solely on romance. Acts of appreciation, compassion and sharing with others are commonplace in certain cultures.

At My Vapery, we love this idea. Valentine’s Day symbolises the celebration of romance, but it can also mean love in a broader sense; a desire to reach out and help the people closest to you. You may already know someone in need of some loving guidance this Valentine’s Day, someone who needs a helping hand when it comes to smoking.

We all know the dangers of smoking and how it can affect the lives of people closest to them. The World Health Organisation estimates that around 6 million people die per year due to the adverse effects of smoking. It’s a terrible statistic, but one we can all do something about.

This Valentine’s Day help the one you love by sharing the gift of quitting. If this is their first leap into the vaping world, you’ll be glad to know that we have helped thousands of people along the road to a smoke-free life. Many of our customers who have made the switch have come out the other side feeling better about their health and about themselves.

Vaping is a far safer alternative to smoking cigarettes and has no second-hand effects. Our range of nicotine salt e-liquids are a perfect starting place for any smoker struggling to break the habit. Available in a wide range of flavours, helping the one you love has never been easier. Keeping with the spirit of Valentine’s Day, it’s always better to give up smoking with support and guidance than going it alone.