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Check Authenticity

At Pod Salt, we have taken steps to ensure the premium quality of our products. All of our product items have a unique Authenticity Code that is registered to our database.

Any legitimate Pod Salt product will have a verified Authenticity Code.

This system quickly identifies counterfeit products. If you suspect an item you have purchased is not genuine, please enter the Authenticity Code below.

Please enter your security code!

1: Scratch the security label coating

2: Enter your security code.

3: Ensure there are no spaces in the code.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Pod Salt product you have purchased will have an Authenticity sticker on the outer packaging. This is usually found on the product box.

On the sticker, you will find the product’s unique Verification code and a QR code.

Simply scratch off the lower part of the sticker to reveal the Verification code. Then enter the code to check the validity.

The Authenticity sticker also contains a QR code. Simply scan using your smartphone to enter podsalt.com/check_authenticity.

The Emirates Authority For Standardization & Metrology, otherwise known as ESMA, is a Federal Authority that ensures the quality of goods entering the UAE market.

Local and imported products are verified for compliance against National Standards meaning anyone looking to sell products in the UAE has to obtain ESMA approval before legal sale.

Yes, all My Vapery products are approved and certified by ESMA. We meet all compliance standards that are required for the UAE market and also adhere to international quality management standards. My Vapery is ISO 9001 Approved.