Are nicotine salts right for me as a first-time vaper?

Are nicotine salts right for me as a first-time vaper?

15 Aug | Daniel Hollyman

If you’re making your first leap into the vape market, you might feel like there’s a lot of different elements to think about to find the right vaping experience for you.

With a lot to consider, from the device used to the strength of nicotine salts, having a little guidance on hand to help you make an informed decision can be really helpful.

We’ve highlighted some of the things you should think about when deciding if nicotine salts are right for you as a first-time vaper.


Fantastic quitting aid

If you’re a heavy smoker looking to transition from smoking to vaping, nicotine salts can be a really useful way to cut down while still getting a fast-acting and long-lasting hit of nicotine.

Traditional e-liquids mostly come in 3mg or 6mg varieties.

Nicotine salts, on the other hand, often reach strengths of 20mg. Our Pod Salt collection’s unique formula means we can also provide a 36mg nicotine salt strength.

This increased strength makes nicotine salts perfect for providing a powerful nicotine hit that’s as close to cigarette smoking as you can get, without the thousands of harmful chemicals found in cigarettes.

You might think that such a high nicotine level would result in a really harsh and overpowering throat hit. However, high-strength nicotine salts offer a surprisingly smooth vaping experience that’s also faster-acting and longer-lasting.

Because of this, nicotine salts closely emulate the quick hit of smoking a cigarette, making them a perfect solution for a long-time smoker looking to start vaping by curbing cravings for longer.

On top of that, nicotine salts offer a particularly discreet vape experience too! There’s no billowing clouds of vapour to waft away, so you can quickly and quietly get a hit of nicotine without drawing attention.

Economical & long lasting

One of the upsides to the higher strengths that nicotine salts are available in is that you don’t need to vape much to get a significant hit of nicotine, which means one refill can last you far longer than a similar amount of a much weaker liquid would. This means you’re spending less in the long term.

On top of that, nicotine salts are absorbed into the bloodstream much faster, which means an experience far closer to traditional cigarette smoking.

When looking to use nicotine salts as a first-time vaper, the type of device you can use with nicotine salts is another reason they can be much more cost effective compared to traditional nicotine e-liquid. Vape pens are also much cheaper than more powerful and complex sub-ohm tanks, thanks to their lower wattage and simpler designs.

Because you don’t have to spend much to get started and your liquids can last longer as you vape less of it at a time, they’re perfect for the first-time vaper who might be worried about a high initial cost.


Could be overpowering

While the higher strength of nicotine salts make them a suitable quitting aid for the heavy smoker looking to make a change, this strength might mean that it’s overpowering, offering a hit far stronger than a casual vaper or non-smoker might expect.

This effect could be made worse if a new vaper with little smoking experience inadvertently buys a stronger vape device. Vaped through a sub-ohm device, particularly by a casual or non-smoker, higher strength nicotine salts wouldn’t provide a particularly pleasant vaping experience.

Because of this, we’d recommend using a low-powered, specially-designed pod device to vape with nicotine salts.

Not for the cloud chasers

For many people, vaping is a social experience that they can share with friends. A big part of this is creating large and impressive vape clouds.

You might be looking to vape casually, experiment with flavours, and create some impressive clouds with friends. It’s important to note that vaping with nicotine salts doesn’t create the huge vape clouds that you might be expecting from a regular e-liquid.

If you’re eager to create the biggest clouds you can with friends, nicotine salts might not be your best bet as a first-timer. If discretion is important, though, then nicotine salts are really useful, as the clouds they create are much more restrained and manageable.

Finding the perfect vape experience with Pod Salt

When you’re looking to step foot into vaping for the first time, knowing you’re buying from someone you can trust can be really helpful when it comes to an enjoyable vape experience.

Pod Salt provide a specially-developed range of nicotine salt e-liquids that:

  • Come in a wide range of flavours —

From refreshing Apple, to cool Ice Menthol, or even a more familiar cigarette and tobacco flavour, Pod Salt are sure to have a flavour that’s perfect for you.

  • Come in a choice of strengths —

For the perfect customisable vaping experience, you can vape our nicotine salt e-liquids in either 20mg or 36mg strengths, and a high strength e-liquid is the perfect choice for someone looking to transition from cigarettes.

  • Offers a great vape experience every time —

Formulated with salicylic acid to temper the harsher alkali of high-strength nicotine salts, all of Pod Salt’s range is smooth and refreshing to vape every time.

If you’d like to find out more about the Pod Salt range of nicotine salts, take a look at our Products page.

Alternatively, you could get in touch with a member of our team by heading to our Contact Us page.